CW 1800

The CW 1800 is rated to deliver 1800 lbs. of torque at 10 rpm. 


This is equivalent to lifting a 600 lbs. curtain at 13 fpm using a 2 3/8” diameter drive shaft. The available travel is 80 revolutions of the output drum – the equivalent to lifting a distance of 50 feet using a 2 3/8” diameter drive shaft. Built-in North America, it is compact and weighs only 68.5 lbs. allowing for unprecedented ease of installation. All mainframe components are e-coated and all exposed sub-components are plated for maximum corrosion protection.

  • Unique safety system - in-built Posilok safety device
  • Direct drive, oil-free, no belts, no chains
  • Custom motor delivers powerful torque
  • Dynamic braking system – superior safety
  • Innovative frame design
  • Maximum strength, rigidity and functionality
  • Travel limit switches - accurate and adjustable for easy setup and operation
  • Factory options available: custom mounting brackets, custom control systems, custom voltages and variable speeds


Tork Winch is not responsible for any damages resulted from using a third-party key switch other than ones provided by Tork Winch (for example, Dry Contact Key Switches K-SK13710).