Tork Winch was founded on the principle of innovation. With several patents pending and many already secured, we continue to exceed industry standards and complete projects other deemed impossible.

Our Commitment

Tork Winch is committed to customer satisfaction. Our partnership approach to customer service helps drive our development, fulfil your request with proactive thinking and provide a dependable product that will make your business strive.

Our Engineering

Tork Winch employs the industry’s top experts, not just from North America, but from around the world. Our research and development department runs 24/7, continuously seeking solutions and setting new standards in the design, manufacture, and efficiency of small- and large-scale winch solutions. Their innovation and expertise has allowed us to meet challenges deemed “impossible” by others, successfully completing some very high-profile projects

CAD-generated 3-D modelling, animation, and on-site testing combine the latest technology with good old-fashioned know-how to produce the best winches in the industry. Our products are virtually 100% free of defects and require little to no maintenance.

Continuous Improvement

There are always new markets, new considerations, and new problems, Tork Winch’s team of experts never stops thinking. We’re constantly developing our current products, creating new designs, approaching new markets, and expanding our solutions to serve new applications and industries year after year.

Our Customer Service

Like the rest of our team, our customer support specialists are leaders in the industry, going above and beyond standard procedures and guidelines to provide outstanding service and personalized solutions. Whether you need help with order processing, installation, maintenance, or anything else, our team of experts is standing by to respond quickly and effectively.

Our Marketing

Our marketing team works closely with our industry experts to further the growth of Tork Winch Worldwide and continues leading the industry in product improvement and development. Our unique approach combines in-depth knowledge with attentive customer service. By understanding not only our products but also industry trends and future opportunities, our marketing team keeps clients and potential clients up to date and helps them find the best possible solution for their needs.