Gymnasium Winches

Gymnasium Winches

Tork Winch Gymnasium Winches: 


Backstop Winches - TW2000

  • Industry engineered specifically for use as basketball backstop winches, the TW2000 and the BBS2100 provide solutions to customers who want either an oil-free design or an enclosed gearbox unit. 
  • The Tork Winch TW2000™ is designed to lift 800 lbs at a line speed of 11 feet or 3.4 meters per minute.  The cable travel is 25 feet or 7.7 meters on 1 layer, with a maximum cable travel of 45 feet or 13.7 meters. Built in North America, it is compact and weighs only 68 Ibs/30.4 kgs allowing for unprecedented ease of installation. All main frame components are E-coated, and exposed sub-components are plated for maximum corrosion protection.

Curtain Winches – CW1800, TW2400V, TW3600V

  • The CW1800 is rated to deliver 1800 lbs of torque at 10 rpm. This is equivalent to lifting a 600 lb. curtain at 13 fpm using a 2 3/8” diameter drive shaft. The available travel is 80 revolutions of the output drum – the equivalent to lifting 50 feet using a 2 3/8” diameter drive shaft. maximum corrosion protection.
  • Our TW2400V Winch is designed to withstand years of wear and tear. With a standard output torque of 2400 in-lbs, the TW2400V winch provides superior performance of gymnasium divider curtains, mat winches, scoreboard winches and theatrical lifting device, among others.
  • TW3600V - This unit includes upper and lower limit switches for accurate stopping in the raised or lowered positions. This is a high-quality winch offers standard load capacities for curtain and screen applications, ideal for theatres, TV & film studios, schools, clubs and more.

Manual Winches – HW1800

  • Our HW1800 weighs 38 lbs and has a Max. Safe Working Load of 1000 lbs. / 450 kg. Offering rope travel of 25 feet / 7.5 meters on one layer, a second layer, for 45 feet / 13.5 meters total, may be wound on if required. It is grooved for accurate winding, supported in large diameter ball bearings with positive, through the drum rope anchoring.

Volleyball Winches – TW200

  • The TW200 weighs 5 lbs and is e-coated for corrosion resistance. It has a maximum safe working load of 400 lbs.

Winch Control 

  • We have a multitude of different winch controls - from a single key switch ranging to a six key switch to meet the needs for your specific application.

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