Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Creating specific designs for our customers’ unique applications, our on-site testing ensures every Tork Winch product works to spec. We have designed and manufactured high-quality winches for a range of applications - from advertising, aerospace, automotive and construction to dumbwaiters, government testing facilities, lighting, marinas, material handling, mining, and water facilities – to name a few.


In everything we design, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we created the Posilok!


What is a Posilok?


The Tork Winch Posilok Safety Strap is a fall arrest safety device designed to “catch” a free falling load. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with the TW2000 basketball winch or the CW18000 curtain winch but can be added to almost all of our winching applications. It’s modern, sleek appearance is finished with durable E-coat paint, and it displays a visible “maximum extension” indicator. 


Why is a Posilok Essential for Safety?


When it comes down to it, the Tork Winch Posilok is a plan B – but a very essential one – especially for products used in gymnasiums, theatres, and other high traffic settings. You can count on the Posilok to provide the backup safety you need when a system failure occurs.  


We offer various options for the Posilok system. Tork Winch engineers design our winches in close consultation with every customer. We provide solutions for testing, moving, lifting, and stabilizing everything from basketball backboards to space shuttle platforms. Customizing the winch and safety features you need to your specific application ensures you end up with a winch that works for you, instead of just making a generic winch work.


We have not only seen the future of Superior winch engineering, we’re designing it! 


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