Tork Winch Featured Installation: Magna

Tork Winch Featured Installation: Magna

Our Client:

Magna is one of the world’s largest car parts manufacturers – a leader in their industry, with a reputation for quality.

The Need:

The client needed four lifting systems designed and installed in their manufacturing facility. 

Our Solution:

The TW 2400 and GHP 800 are most well known for lifting heavy curtains, but provided the perfect option for flexibility and strength in this application. In this case, they were used to lift a platform fifteen feet in the air, allowing the dies to be changed in the massive stamping press underneath.

Previously, this task was accomplished with an overhead crane and forklift, which required a lot of space and man-power to operate. With the Tork Winch solution, the new process can be completed by a single person, vs. the three that were needed for the past method. This saves valuable time – 15 seconds now, compared to 30 minutes. PL 1000 Posilok safety straps were installed to provide security in the event of a failure or accident.

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