TW 2400 & PS 500


The Tork Winch TW2400 and PS500 Line Set is designed to raise and lower and wide range of products commonly used on stages, in gymnasiums and churhches and other public venues. The lineset eliminated the need for stepladders, scaffolding or lifting to service ceiling suspened equipment. 


How does the system work?

The TW2400 acts as the driving "engine" for the system. The powerful 1.8Hp motor provides a combined output torque of 2400 in.lbs across the double output shafts of the reducer. This torque is transferred by a drive shaft to the PS500 PosiSpools. The PS500's transfer the drive shaft torque to a take-up drum where the provided 3/16" cable does the lifting. The system is modular in nature, so the PS500's can be placed to the left and right of the drive unit and can be increased in quantity to suit the desired number of pick points. The distance between the spools can range from 1'-10'  to suit the mounting structure and pick point location. 


What are some of the key features of this line set? 

  • A variable frequency drive provides the user the option to program a speed that best suits their respective application. A total system capacity of 1200 lbs at a line speed of 20 FPM (based on 1st layer performance). Increased capacity systems are avaialble upon request. 
  • A pressure roller comes standard on the PS500 to help ensure the rope travels in a uniform fashion across the drum.
  • Triple redundancy braking is provided with a brake motor, an inhererntly self-locking worm and a patented overspeed mechanisim in each of the spools. 
  • Standard 20 FPM 1200lbs overall capacity with a maximum of 500lbs per spool I(based on 1st layer performance). Heavier models are available upon request.


Use this Line Set to raise and lower:







-Projection Screens