University of Buffalo Fieldhouse

Getzville, New York


Tork Winch in conjunction with Jaypro Sports was proud to be selected to supply the curtain winch systems for the newly built University of Buffalo Fieldhouse. The fieldhouse required 2 separate curtain systems to effectively separate and divide the spectacular new fieldhouse.


System 1 (Exterior Wall Protection)

From football to baseball to a range of track and field events, the new fieldhouse was desigined to suit several sports- each with their own respective hazards of airborne objects. In order to protect the new walls and windows of the fieldhouse, perimeter netting curtains were added. The dimensions of the curtains are as follows:

-          Each side of the fieldhouse is 368 feet long x 37 feet high

-          Each side was divided into two smaller 184 feet long curtains

-          A single  TW2400 Curtain Winch is installed to raise and lower a 184' long curtain



System 2 (Playing Field Division)

With such a large beuatiful new facilty, the fielhouse is dividided into segments with slope fold curtains that lower from the ceiling. These curtains allow multiple teams or individuals to train at one time, without interrupting one another. 

-          The fieldhouse is 172’ wide with a sloped roof design reaching 67’ high at the peak

-          Each slope fold divider curtain uses two – TW2400


The TW 2400 curtain winches were selected for several reasons:

    -          Reliability. The TW2400 winch is engineered and designed to last the test of time backed by               field proven results. 

- Speed. The TW2400 allowed the curtains to travel from the fullly raised to fully lowered position in under 4 minutes. Other curtain winches have been known to take up to 10 minutes to complete a similar task. 

-          A VFD drive is on every winch to give a smooth start and slow down when raising and lowering the curtain.  The VFD also allows for customization of the speed in which the curtain is raised and lowered.

-          The system is virtually silent when operating.

-          The lifting capability of the TW 2400 allowed for a single winch to easily handle the 184’ length of the curtain.



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